About Us

Earning The Trust Of Each & Every Valued Customers

Smartest Merchant believes in the future of your business. Our aim is to offer you creative business funding options and innovative merchant services that work for you. With good deal of expertise and creativity of our people, our model serves effective enough in creating an unique approach. With a result driven consultation approach in mind, we have organized our business around funding management, as per client’s specific needs. Whether you need bad credit business loan, startup business loan or short term business loan, we make it easy for you.

Our objective is to help independent business owners flourish by reducing the cost & headaches associated with the acceptance of credit card payments. Though credit card processing is our main service, but still we have added some more low cost payment solutions to our suite of merchant services.

We extend our support to independent business owners, providing fast business loan. We boast of having a spectrum of merchant account services and let you find the solutions that best suits you. Whether it is about accepting payments, providing consultations on business solutions, giving assistance in bad credit business loans or providing comprehensive customer service, we offer you all.

Awesome Service

With a robust track record of 99 percent uptime, we make it a point to keep the processing payments, even if there is an outage in the authorization network. We know what responsibility is all about and that’s why we work with honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness.

Friendly Support

We live up to the expectations of customers and keep the promise of providing good customer service. Our friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to simplify your options and help find you the right tools for your business.

Fast Business Loans

We are trusted by thousands of vendors & resellers. We boast of having diverse loan programs available for you at affordable rates. Since our application process is hassle-free, we approve your business in a jiffy. So whether you need business startup loans, new small business loans, we bring you flexible business loan rates.

If you are a first time cardholder or looking to switch processors, we bring you the best credit card solutions that suits all your business needs. Dedicated to make every transaction SECURE & SEAMLESS as possible…!

Dedicated to make every transaction SECURE & SEAMLESS as possible…!